General Ophthomology

Your good vision determines your quality of your life. It is my goal to preserve your good vision. Timely regocnizion of problems and targeted therapies will keep you to see good!

For the past 30 years I have my own doctors office.

I am specialised in the ares of:

  • individual glasses, even complicated ones
  • therapy of chronic dry Conjunctiva
  • prevention and combined therapy in:
    special checks in a modern diagnostic center

20 – 30 minutes: 100 – 150 €


Holistic Ophthamology

Especially in the area of macula – degeneration a holistic approach is more often than not successful.

As a starting point a functionality – test with a tough control oft he retina is important.

Often I diagnose the deficiency of active substances while checking the macula.

During talks and potential bloodtest there are often signs of intakeproblems of nutrients in the intestins. In this case I offer you a consultation about a diatarychange and the intake of supplements, for instance: vitamines, minerals and enzymes.

I obtain especially good results for dry maculadegeneration including small succsesses for wet maculadegeneration through the additional use of energy-medicine. By using an

electro-magnetic machine with high frequency the macula-cellmembranes are recharged Therefore the taken supplements are better absorbed.

Additionally the detoxification of cells and the reduction of cholesterin geodes in the macularegion works better with an electromagnetic charge.

With the use of an electromagnetic mat he circulation of cells and tissue will have improved oxygen. An additional diagnostic and potential therapy with various electromagnetic devices plays a very important role in my doctors office.

The combination of all these possible therapies is enabling my patients an up to 20 % improvement in their vision, which can be held constant over many years with the corresponding therapy.

Generally the private insurers will reimburse the costs of all treatments, depending on country and contract.

costs for private patients: 30 – 60 minutes: 100 – 200 €


High - Energy Medicine

High-frequency Energy Medicine because fit cells make your whole body fit!

The high-frequency energy – machine works like a battery-charger. The missing electrical charge of your cellmembranes will be reestablished and increased. The metabolism works faster. All inflamation heals more rapidly.

Chronic illnesses, specially maculadegeneration can be treated with very positive results.

The quality of life of my patients especially in case of degenerations of joints and rheumatism increases dramatically. An improved immunsystem and a healthy gut-flora is another important result.

Treatment for 20 – 30 minutes: 100 – 150 €